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Olena Viola Rash and Marshall Toole

Marshall Toole graduation photo.

Marshall used the name “Jack”.

Olena Toole, she used the name “Sue”.

Jack Toole (Marshall)

Sue fishing off a house boat at Lake Havasu

Jack at Lake Havasu

Jack fishing at Lake Havasu

Marshall Alton Toole, born 1943

Michael Howard Toole, born 1947

A small snapshot of the 2 brothers in their yard.

The photo is faded and blurry.

Left – Cousin Jeff, Center Michael Toole, Right – Marshall Toole

Marshall on left, Mother in Center, Michael on Right

School Days for Michael

Michael on the left.

Michael Toole worked at Kodak more than 10 years.

In 1978, he injured his back on the loading dock when a large a stack of large film cans fell and he twisted his back to keep them from falling on him. He ended up having surgery for 3 ruptured discs and could no longer do the heavy lifting.

Michael at the office party in the far right top.

Michael Toole, second from the left.

Random photos through the years of Michael Toole

As a boy at his parent’s home, he had a doxie named Susie.

Michael grew up in the West Valley,  Chatsworth area of California.

One summer Michael had a broken leg.

He said his brother Marshall would pick him up and swing him in circles by his cast.

Michael and his hunting rifle

Michael lived in a duplex in Glendale off Western Avenue with a room mate, Gary Stack.

Gary on the right, Michael, other friend (Glen?)

Santa Barbara

A cousin’s child with Michael

Behind the Glendale duplex with Gary’s boxer dog, Blue.

Pomona fair about 1978


Blue, Michael, Tanya about 1979

At Disneyland

Christmas at Toluca Lake apartment, Warner Ave. Down the street from Burbank studios.

Lake Havasu Dam

Spirit and Michael

Spirit ripped the drapes in half that are seen in the sliding glass window in the background.

He chewed up the cabinets and ripped out t he cushion in the rocking chair.

The land lady and her sun lived upstairs over the apartment. She said the dog had to go and gave it to her friend who had a house out in Malibu. The person put him in the shed with his other dog and tractor and the next morning he found his new tractor seat eaten. This poor little dog had to go to a family with a little boy but then ran away.

Michael and his dad with the dog.

Michael’s Grandpa Rash (maternal grandfather) on the left and Jack Toole.

This was Thanksgiving 1979 in Parker Arizona. Lloyed, a brother of Sue had a warehouse where he sold wholesale furniture. They decided to have Thanksgiving dinner in this warehouse.

Michael’s grandmother (maternal grandmother) Granny Rash

Thanksgiving 1979

Michelle  Goenig or Goeing?

Mother’s name was Marie


8 Responses

  1. You’re slacking on the Tooles mom!!

    • one branch of the tree at a time, sheesh 🙂

      I do have some pics to scan that you may be surprised to see when I get to them.

  2. Hi I’m Regina ReBmann, I went to Lake Center and Santa Fe High with Marshall. Just ‘playing’ on the computer…looking up classmates and came upon your lovely website. Brought me back to those long ago days and a few great memories. We went to hmmm the Elks Club? dancing with Marshall’s parents a time or two, such fun. my e-mail address is ; reginar918@gmail.com
    sincerely Regina

    • Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I will try to email you from my personal email.

  3. Hi my name is Calvin toole. Son of marshall Bryan Toole and grand son marshall Alton Toole and Wanda mcgarvey. I stumbled upon these pictures and I am very thankful

    • Hi Calvin, Thank you for leaving a comment. I will try and send an email. I hope it goes through to you.

  4. Hi I am Barbara McGarvey, Marshall’s sister in law. My sister was Wanda. I met Marshall at Camp Cedar Crest in Arrowbear, Ca. when we both worked at the camp for the summer. I guess he was 17. That’s how he met Wanda, through me. They got married up at the chapel in Camp Cedarcrest. Their 1st son, Michael Toole passed away in 2017. Michael was born in Germany, while Marshall was stationed there.

    • Thank you Barbara for commenting on my post. I sent what you wrote to my kids, Marshall was their uncle.

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