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Max Hall and Martha Bentroth wedding photo, 26 May, 1923

Max and Martha Hall about 1923-1930 Waterloo, Iowa

Max Hall working on his car.

Max Halls truck WFC & N 1925

Max Hall’s truck from the front.

One of Max Hall’s jobs was driving a street car.
This is a photo of his street car after an accident.

Max tried to teach Martha to drive the car and she had a small accident into a ditch.

Max Hall, portrait

Eugene Hall, 1928 at Sumner St house.

This was a home made tricycle built by pieces that his father

gathered and assembled.

Iowa, La Port Rd, house 1929
Built by Max Hall.

Max had plans to build a gas station and small store on the property.

If you click on the photo and enlarge, you will see part of Martha’s

face in the first window.

Max and Eugene about 1928

Eugene, 5 months old

Eugene, 5 months

Eugene and Marvin about 1929.

One day Eugene chased a squirrel around the tree in the background.

He actually caught the squirrel and was bit & scratched.

Eugene holding baby Roger and Marvin

Eugene and his dog in the snow.

Look closely, Eugene is crying. He has snow on his head.

He either fell in the snow or someone tossed a snowball at him.

Notice the ice on the roof edge.

Eugene,  3 years old at  La Port Rd, Iowa

Eugene and his dog on the porch.

One day Eugene followed the dog into the woods and got lost for a while.

Marvin at toddler age

Eugene and Marvin in front of a lilac hedge.

The property behind was Ed Murphy’s and he had apple trees.

The boys would sneak apples and their mother would make fried apples with brown sugar.

Front Center – Martha Bast – Bentroth,  her husband William Bentroth, right,

and the Bentroth children”

Far left, front – Robert, Elizabeth,

Back row, left to right – Florence, Mata, William, Martha, Frieda, Anna

Wilhilmina Hackbart Bast

Germany Bast Home

The above photo is Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Bast in front of their home in Bernhagen, Germany in the Pommerania, Prussian area. After WWII Germany was split and this area was given to Poland. The lower photo was taken in recent years of the neighborhood with the Polish sign of the town Ostrzyca. (The house if Wilhelm and family is not visible in the lower photo the home shown was the former home of Robert Bast & family. The homes in that area are over 100 years old.)

What is the german translation for Bernhagen? – in modern german it’s not comprehensable. “Bernhagen” is afaik even older than “Althochdeutsch.” You can split it to “bern” and “hagen” meaning “bear” and “forest.” So it would be something like “Bearwood” in english.

Here is a link to show early Germany:
http://pomeranianews.com/German%20Empire-Lg.html map of The German Empire: From 1871 to 1918.

Martha Bast Bentroth, mother of Martha Bentroth

Martha Bentroth (right) with mother Martha Bast (left)

William Bentroth, father of Martha Bentroth

Martha in car with her father, 1929

(unfortunately lightening up the photo did not help with seeing inside the car)

Frieda Bentroth

Frieda, Betty,  Martha, about 1920

Martha and her brother bob about 1922

Marvin Hall about 1931

Eugene and Marvin at Sumner St, Iowa

Marvin with baby Roger, 2 Steege girls.
(Steege was uncle Ernie Moehling’s sister’s family)

Eugene in snow, Denver Iowa.
When he was a boy, the neighbor’s home behind him caught on fire.

Martha with her young sons

Martha with Eugene and Marvin about 1928, Iowa

Frieda, Martha and Marvin

Martha, Eugene, Marvin, Roger

Eugene and Marvin on wagon.

Eugene, Mary Francis Ellisworth (neighbor), Marvin

Eugene and a Hagaman twin.

The Hagaman’s lived in a duplex. On the left is a home where Dwane Steege lived.

The tree in the background had a robin’s nest with blue eggs.

Eugene was lifted up to see the eggs and the mother bird pulled his hair and then

chased him after he was down on the grass.

The back of photo says: Denver, Iowa, late 1930’s

Hagaman twin, neighbor with Eugene and Dwane Steege

Roger Hall, Age 3, 1932

This was a professional photo taken in the living room on one of the dining room

chairs that Max and Martha had purchased for their new house before Max’s death.

Brothers in the snow.

There is a huge mound of snow up to the top of the gate.

Brothers on porch steps.

Marvin and Eugene are making snow balls.

Brothers in snow.

About 1934 at La Port Rd, Waterloo, Iowa.

The brothers are each carrying lunch boxes, green, orange, red.

Each brother kept his own lunchbox.

The boxes has a compartment for a slice of pie, which usually contained spice cake.

They would have home made bread with peanut butter and butter sandwiches.

brothers by tree

Portrait of Martha and sons, about 1935

Martha was wearing her favorite dress, red with black roses.

Eugene and Marvin were wearing black and orange sweaters which Martha

kept stored in a cedar chest for special occasion wear. Roger was wearing a

pair of blue overalls with powder blue sweater.

Brothers getting on the school bus.

Eugene is standing in front, Marvin is next to him and Roger on the right.

Eugene and Marvin on porch steps.

Eugene’s boots were a gift from his Uncle Will (his father’s brother).

The boots had a special jack knife pocket in them.

The boys were wearing knickers (which they did not like, but mother insisted.)

They are on the sun porch steps with second hand screen door.

Martha and kids with Edna Moehling

Edna Moehling was the wife of Albert Moehling.

Carl Moehling, far right, Eugene next to him,

Roger in center (can’t remove smudge from photo)

Marvin, far left, back left, Edna with 2 unknown children, back right, Martha.

Young brothers, it appears to be warm weather.

Three brothers, Roger is holding a cat.

Marvin and Robin about 1930

Martha and young sons in yard

Eugene with dog

Eugene Hall – 2 elementary school group photos

Top photo in front of 2 teeter toters: Eugene, front right,

front row, left to right: Harlin Blough, Dick Fleming, Doris Hammer, Mildred McNamara, Dorothy Sheridan (behind Eugene). Tall boy, back left, Neil Fike, far left, Harold Snavly.

Bottom photo: front left Dwane Sindinglar, Harlin Blough behind boy in front row, Eugene, front right. Behind Eugene, right to left, Arlene Cunningham, Mildred McNamara, Ruth Licty, Doris Hammer, unknown and Eva.

Brothers, Dec 25 1939

Roger, friend Bill Holder, Marvin.

Eugene took the picture.

Clear Lake, Iowa

Kids in boat on Clear Lake, Iowa.

The kids would collect beer bottles thrown in the lake in about 18 ”  of water from the tavern at the lake. They would turn in the bottles for 3 cents a bottle.

In boat, left to right: Marvin, unknown, Maxine Holder, Eugene, Roger, Bill Holder.

Brothers standing in the boat, Clear Lake, Iowa.

In front, Maxine Holder, Eugene, Bill Holder, Marvin and Roger.

Brothers (and possibly mother) swimming in a creek or river on the way back to Waterloo from a visit to Devil’s Backbone, State Park, Iowa.

It was a hot summer day and a wonderful time for the family.

Uncle Herman Bast, took the family in is 1933 Chevy, 4 door.

Herman had removed the drivers door and would drive with his leg sitting on the running board because his leg was stiff from an injury.

Family Reunion at Steege’s, about 1936, Denver, Iowa.

The kids would make dams in the river and would play to try to wash each other downstream.

Left to right: Roger, Wilma Bast, Eugene, Bill Bast, unknown.


5 Responses

  1. What a treasure trove of vintage family photos. You’ve done a lot of work identifying them. I’ve put my mother’s photos and memories into a self-published book. Now that I see how well that turned out, I’m encouraging everyone to try it.
    The internet is a great place to share these wonderful genealogy pieces, but a book can be passed along in the family and is something to hold in the hands.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment. My photo blog is a work in progress and it gives my family a chance to learn about the family as I add data. I have gotten corrections by having them see photos so I can get the information correct. Ultimately I plan on having a book written. Computer discs can be damaged or obsolete over time, books can be passed from family to family.

  3. You have put a lot of work into it. I swear that I sold the same photo when I look at them lol. After 11+ years of saving and selling it now seems like I have seen everyone there is to see. The similarities amaze me. It is always a treat finding photos with info on the back or better yet albums with info

  4. THANK YOU for such a wonderfully detailed submission! Love the pictures! My wife is a descendant of Mata H. Bentroth…who married Harold C. Withrow. The couple moved to Los Angeles in the mid1930s. Harold had several children, one being James Leigh Withrow of Corvallis, OR..who is my wife’s father (Amby Lynn Withrow Pedersen). James lives with us in southern Utah.

    • I’m so happy you found the info helpful. That is one of the best things about sharing family history online.

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