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Andrew Bahl, arrived to America about 1878 from Kamenka, Russia, with his parents Andreas (Andrew) Bahl and Magdalena (Madeline) nee Roth and their 5 other children (3 more children were born after settling in Kansas).

The children of Andreas and Magdelana were Andrew, Barbara, Cathrine, Anna Regina, Madeline, Joseph, Adam, Mary, Elizabeth.

The family fled Russia because Catherine the Great was requiring all men to leave their families to serve in the Russian Army.  Andreas has a contract with the Russian government to deliver mail.  Much of the year the Volga river was frozen and Andreas and his son Andrew would ride in a sleigh on the frozen river to make the mail deliveries.

After coming to America, the family settled in Hays, Kansas.
Below is a photo posted from “The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, published, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926”
In the photo above unfortunately very small to see:
1-2. Frank and Amalia Schoenthaler; 3-4. Jacob and Christina Kiesner; 5-6. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Giebler; 7-8. Jacob and Anna Wiesner; 9-10. Joseph and Elizabeth Basgall; 11-12. Anton and Anna Eliz. Wasinger; 13-14. Jacob and Catharine Engel; 15-16. Balthasar and Gertrude Dreiling; 17-18. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Depperschmidt; 19-20. Andreas and Anna Meier; 21-22. Peter and Susanna Jacob; 23-24. Jacob and Anna Meier; 25-26. Michael and Maria Schmidt; 27-28. Justus and Margaretha Bissing; 29-30. Andreas and Magdalena Bahl; 31. Mrs. John Schlyer; 32. Dorothea Beilman; 33. Mrs. John H. Wasinger; 34. John F. Werth; 35. Paul Dinges; 36. Jacob Basgall
ref   http://skyways.lib.ks.us/genweb/archives/ethnic/german-russian/jubilee/images/76.gif

More information about the mass immigration from Russia to the united states can be read here:  http://skyways.lib.ks.us/genweb/archives/ethnic/german-russian/jubilee/

Andreas Bahl got a job working for the railroad in Kansas, working with the chain gang that built the tracks.

Andrew was only 15 and was given a rifle to work with his father controlling the chain gang. He did that job many years and in later years bragged about a huge bull whip he carried while on horseback, he never had to shoot his rifle at the prisoners on the chain gang because they feared the whip. Andrew also spoke many languages, German, Russian, Chinese, English which was useful working with all the immigrants of the chain gang.


Andrew Married Kathryn Vogel, who was also an immigrant from Russia.

They had 4 children, Elizabeth, Julia, John and Raymond.


Back Row, left to right: Lester Richardson, husband of Julia, Julia Bahl, unknown woman, John J Bahl, Katherine Vogel/Bahl, Elizabeth Bahl, Blanche Bahl and her husband Raymond Bahl.

Front row, left to right: Katharine (Kathryn)  Bahl, Andrew Bahl.


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